Rules To Live By

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              A few years ago, I was looking for items to display on a new shelf in my living room.  I wanted an eclectic, world traveler feel so I opted for several vintage looking pieces to accomplish the look.  I ran across two old cameras one of which had a story.  It had been taken to Vietnam in 1969 by the gentleman who sold it to me and even better it still worked.  I also came across an antique bronze plaster cast box with the lid covered with a stack of ball point pins.  The inscription on the front read “The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword”  Edward Bulwer-Lytton.  As a writer, the inscription reminded how powerful our words are and that we should chose them carefully.  One day as I scoured the shelves of one of my favorite stores, I came across a framed canvas with what appeared to be hand stitching and the phrase on top caught my eye.  It read “Rules To Live By.”  The color was perfect because the canvas looked as if it had been aged by sunlight and the look and feel of the framed canvas fit my theme.  Not finding anything else that caught my eye, I checked out and was on my way.  When I got home, I sat down and read what the canvas explained the rules to be.  Rule #1:  Never Give Up.  Rule #2:  Be nice to one another.  Rule #3 Think good thoughts.  Rule #4:  Try to do better.  Rule #5:  Say please and thank you.  Immediately, I thought of my mother and the repetitive sayings she uttered in my youth that have now become a part of my personal mantra.  The rules seemed like common sense and second nature in a lot of ways, but what I think is common is not so common for others.  I knew the canvas was on to something. 

The first rule of never give up is a crucial in every day of life.  Holding on when the going gets rough can find us experiencing some of the sweetest and best triumphs of our lives so we have to remember the “race is not to the swift nor the battle to the strong…but time and chance happen to them all.”

The second rule of being nice to one another should be taught from birth.  Years ago, I remember my parents impressing upon me the importance of a good first impression because you may not get a chance to make a second.  These days that belief has gone right out the window.  It’s more like “sucker punch fast and often.”  Learning to be kind and nice to other people sets the tone in many relationships and you will find that people will return the favor.  As the saying goes, “You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.”

The third rule of thinking good thoughts relieves me of the stress and torment of worry.  I call it my happy box.  It’s the place where I go when I refuse to let negativity rule the day. Mark Twain’s quote comes to mind, “I have lived a long life and had many trouble, most of which never happened.”

The fourth rule of trying to do better falls into my category of “If you know better than do better.”  Making an effort is half the battle in my opinion and once you make the effort going all the way is easier. 

The fifth rule of saying please and thank you goes a long way in getting people on your side.  It’s a simple gesture of gratitude and appreciation that lets others know you appreciate them and all that they do on your behalf. 

            Sounds simple, yes, now try putting it into practice and better yet teaching it to the people in your circle of influence.  You’ll find the rules to live by makes the world a better place!!Blog photos 004


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  1. Sharaine, what a blessing you realize what it is you want and you’re following your heart and passion. I will keep you lifted in prayer and excited to follow you on your journey! God Bless You and, Keep Smiling.


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