A Product of My Environment



          I am a product of my environment.  Unopened mail on the floor, a mound of clothes in the bathroom and a layer of dust thick enough for me to write my name in the mirror makes me feel like a loser.  The bigger the mess, the harder it is for me to get motivated to do something about it.  I call it my slippery slope and I avoid it all costs. 

After having lived in apartments for most of my adult life, I crossed the threshold of home ownership a few years back and I took it to heart to maintain my investment. Day after day, I would walk around my new home being very proud of what I now owned, but as the months passed and the bare walls looked back at me I knew something had to change.  The flat, eggshell paint that came standard in new homes was slowly eating away at my happiness.  The bare walls and the lifeless color did not reflect who I was.  I needed some color and I needed it now.  A visit to my local home store was the remedy I was looking for.  My eye examined each paint sample hoping to find a color that inspired me, a color that filled me. I found the perfect color for the living room and in subsequent trips I would select colors for my dining room, hallway, bedroom and finally my office. 

Each painting project turned an uninspiring canvas into a warm place I call home.  The earth tone colors were an outward expression of my inner spirit and visitors to my home always comment on the colors I’ve selected.  I am sitting here in my office now.  It was my most recent painting project.  Prior to painting and organizing my office, I was unable to get anything done in there.  I had to go downstairs to my dining room to be in an environment that gave me inspiration.  The color I selected for my office is called “Gentle Rain.”  I am soothed by the silvery, gray color and every time I enter, I am inspired by the neatly organized book collection.  As a writer, I need my mind to be unencumbered so my creativity can flow with ease.  I am glad to be back in my office doing what I love to do.  My home reflects who I am and inspires me to live in harmony with those around me.  To someone else, it may seem trivial that a gallon of paint can be this transformative, but to me it’s a balanced approach to life.  It’s creating an environment I can thrive in and that has made a world of difference.


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