Climbing Emotional Hurdles


      The weight is almost crushing.  I feel pinned to my bed while my mind races thinking of
all the things left to be done.  I can’t get up and I can’t move.  The feeling of dread looms over
me like a dark cloud.  The forecast is bleak and has been for years.  For a fleeting moment the
sunshine breaks through and reminds me of sunnier days long past.  I know I can have those days
again if I can climb this last hurdle.  Life’s left hook has left my mouth bloodied and my knees
are weak, but my determination propels me forward.  Every day there is a small victory with
each task that’s completed I know I am making steady progress. 
      My feet are on the last rung of the ladder and I see a sunburst on the horizon.  The sun on
my faces strokes my spirit and I use it to muster all my strength.  There is no turning back
because the whole is too deep.  My experiences of the past are just that my past.  I am up too
high and falling backwards is not an option, but the butterflies in my stomach won’t grant me
rest.  “Why,” I ask myself, but I know the answer even before the question is formed.  I am on a
pilgrimage called life and I have spent what seems like a lifetime in the valley.  The summit is
before me, but I am not certain I have the strength to climb.  One hand grips firmly the next
rung while the other falls away as I rest my head.  Keep going.  I am almost there.


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