Excuse Me While I Kiss the Sky


            On a rather mundane evening, I was watching TV and a commercial comes on.   Not paying attention to the ad (to this day I still don’t know what the ad was about), the song and the lyrics caught me by surprise.  It was as if someone reached into to my subconscious, collected all of my thoughts and summed it up in this one verse, “Excuse while I kiss the sky.”  This melodic anthem surged through my veins.  Each chord echoed in my bones and left me wanting more.  My spirit had been touched and the floodgates of my soul opened up for the first time in a long time.  There was something liberating about that verse.  Limitless possibilities abound if we can only see beyond the “Purple Haze.”  The sky is calling.  Its deep, blue hue and its billowy clouds are our true home.  Imagination knows no boundaries.  Dreams are made a reality.  Ambition takes flight. We rise above all that seeks to drag us down if only we look to the sky.  Perspective is gained when we rise above our atmosphere.  Clear and visibility unobstructed.  I want to take up permanent residence in the sky where the sun beats down on my face and the warm glow within stirs my soul.  I need the blue skies, the sun upon my face and no obstacles to an otherwise perfect view…..Excuse me while I kiss the sky!


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