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The Melody Of Your Life


              I have always been enamored by people with magnetic personalities.  You know the ones who make friends easily, can start a conversation with almost anyone and can rally support from a broad base of people.  You love to be around them and they love to be around people.  I have met many of those personalities over the years and I have watched them closely to see what personality traits I could incorporate in myself.  I love their ease with people. Their conversations effortlessly evolve and their ideas are positively received.  Secretly, my envy of them runs deep because it doesn’t come natural for me.  I have always been quiet and reserved and it takes me a long time to warm up to people.  I know this is my nature, but like every human being on the planet I want to make connections and friends with the people I meet. 

Several years ago, the discipleship and evangelism pastor at my church said something very profound to me.  He said, “People are attracted to the melody of your life.”  Sort of like if you’re singing a great song others want to join in the merriment.  Most people want to be around a kindred spirit.   Someone who you have something in common, someone who makes you feel good about yourself or someone who makes you laugh.  The melody of your life has the power to attract others to you or make them retreat.  The melody we make can be a natural outward expression of our internal spirit or we can make a conscious choice to change the record and sing a better tune. I constantly self-evaluate and take inventory of what melody I am singing.  Am I being negative?  Am I angry more than I should be?  Is it better to keep silent rather than criticize?  Believe it or not, someone is always watching and making silent judgments about you based upon the melody you are making. 

Take a look at yourself and inventory the people you are attracting.  Are they positive and supportive or are they critical and abrasive?  If you don’t like what you see consider changing your tune!